Based on Shogun 2's gorgeous artwork and screens

" Based on Shogun 2's gorgeous artwork and screens, it shouldn't be that surprising. [GameTrailers]"Hear Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski utter the words that could one day appear on his tombstone in the latest installment of Bulletstorm's Bulletpoints video series. Not safe for work, unless you work at a proctologist office.At replica Omega 1262.30 Ladie's watch least this video didn't call me dick tits.”Commenter Curly Haired Boy rages against retailer-exclusive bonus items in today's installment of Speak-Up on Kotaku.

What's the deal with retailer-exclusive bonus items? Fans hate missing out on them, they create more work for developers, and then the market awareness of a title just gets increasingly muddled.The completionist in me gets incredibly annoyed when, no matter WHERE I buy a game, I'm missing out on some quasi-useful item. The only way to get a complete game these days is to buy a copy from every retailer that sells it. That's a massive waste of money for some in-game trinket.Developers know it's a load of crap, too. But replica Omega 1572.40 Ladie's watch increasingly, retailers are reluctant to stock a game if they don't have something they can advertise that no other seller offers.The worst part? It's spreading to all sorts of other products, from Walmart-exclusive bonus DVDs to Best Buy-exclusive special edition CDs to freakin' Target-exclusive Nerf guns.

It's a policy that's great for retailers, but enormously aggravating to customers. I miss the days when stores built loyalty through reputation and service for ALL products, instead of cheap granular bonuses on individual items.About Speak-Up on Kotaku: Our readers have a lot to say, and sometimes what they have to say has nothing to do replica Omega 1502.30 Men's Watch with the stories we run. That's why we have that little box on the front page of Kotaku. You know, the one with “Got something to say?” written in it? That's the place to post anecdotes, photos, game tips and hints, and anything you want to share with Kotaku at large. Just make sure to include speakup in your comment so we can find it.

which uses a magnetic field to track a pair of controllers in a 3D space

Razer's motion control scheme for the PC, which uses a magnetic field to track a pair of controllers in a 3D space, will be supported in Portal 2, giving the game a unique “console-like” experience. (We played with the Sixense controller at CES 2010 with a custom build of Left 4 Dead 2.) You'll see that there's a little bit of lag in interpreting real-world movements, even when the Sixense controllers are wired to the magnetic field replica Omega 1262.75 Ladie's watch base station.Watch as Intel reps move, shoot, twist and manipulate stretchy boxes, all while thinking with portals, with the Sixense. It's launching later this year for “under a hundred dollars.”Portal 2 will be out for the PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this April.”Shogun: Total War 2 has been dropping jaws with its gorgeous visuals since it was revealed at E3 last year.

Surely such lush graphics come at a steep price? Let's see what the official PC specs say.It doesn't take that beefy of a PC to simply play Shogun: Total War 2. The biggest hassle for most PC players will be freeing up 20GB of hard disk space. replica Omega 1272.30 Ladie's watch Minimum Specs (Required for playing Total War: Shogun 2):- 2 GHz Intel Dual Core processor / 2.6 GHz Intel Single Core processor, or AMD equivalent (with SSE2)- 1GB RAM (XP), 2GB RAM (Vista / Windows7)- 256 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card (shader model 3)- 1024x768 minimum screen resolution- 20GB free hard disk spaceOf course just playing it won't get you the thousands of highly detailed soldiers, rain running down their intricate armor as they clash, the flames from burning homes flickering in their eyes.

No, for that sort of thing you're going to need a bit more power.Recommended Specs (Recommended for optimum game play of Total War: Shogun 2):- 2nd Generation Intel? Core?i5 processor (or greater), or AMD equivalent- 2GB RAM (XP), 4GB RAM (Vista / Windows7)- AMD Radeon HD 5000 and 6000 series graphics cards or equivalent DirectX 11 compatible graphics card- 1280x1024 minimum screen resolution- 20GB free hard replica Omega 1272.10 Ladie's watch disk spaceMy system just barely makes it under the recommended specs wire. How does yours stack up?"The Creative Assembly knows how to make Japanese real-time strategy very attractive, going by this new Shogun 2: Total War cinematic trailer that was "captured in-game.

the researchers stuck the men in an MRI and let them watch “ually arousing films” while monitoring the portions of the brain associated

Then, to make up for the sad movies, the researchers stuck the men in an MRI and let them watch “ually arousing films” while monitoring the portions of the brain associated with arousal (the penis?). Again, men that smelled real female tears showed less activity in those portions of the brain.What does it all mean? Are women's tears some sort of chemical signal warning men away?Sobel maintains tears could be useful in lowering replica Omega 1267.15 Ladie's watch arousal in some situations. “We've identified a word that means 'no' in the language of chemical communication,” he says. “We know that women tend to cry more during menstruation, when it's not an effective time to conceive.

“So what about men's tears? What does a crying man indicate? What are we trying to signal? What do you folks think?The scent of a woman's tears wards off men [NewScientist]”The new Mac version of Angry Birds only plays at full-screen. So forget secretly playing this game when your boss, professor or other favorite authority figure replica Omega 1262.10 Ladie's watch isn't watching. You can't hide it quickly. You can, however, watch our video preview.Check out a few minutes of the $5 (discounted from $10!) Mac version of Angry Birds. It came out yesterday on Apple's new Mac Store. There's also a Windows version, which we haven't tested.Angry Birds on the iPhone costs a dollar. There's also a free version for phones.

For your Mac (and PC), there's no such cheap edition. There's only the $5 version out now that will eventually double in price. So if you want to know what the computer version is like, well, we made this video for you.Enjoy. Beware. Etc.(And if you're willing to take the risk and play this while you should be working, keep a finger near the replica Omega 1272.70 Ladie's watch Mac's F11 key... it'll minimize most of the game screen quickly.)”Keyboard and mouse controls got you down? Yeah, didn't think so. But if millimeter precise motion control sounds like an interesting way to play Valve's first-person puzzler Portal 2, you might want to buy yourself a Razer Sixense.

In today's Friday fun edition of the daily Kotaku science post

What's Hamlet doing in my Mabinogi? [Official Mabinogi site]”In today's Friday fun edition of the daily Kotaku science post, scientists in Israel make women cry and then make men smell their tears. Surely that's got to be fun for somebody.Making women cry is something that men do on a regular basis, often without any idea how or why they are replica Omega 1362.70 Ladie's watch doing it. A team of researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, were well aware of the hows and whys when they subjected a pair of women to sad films in order to harvest their sweet, sweet tears.

They wanted to see how the tears smelled.More precisely, they wanted to see how the scent of female tears affected male arousal. It's the sort of experiment men have been running for centuries, only this time Noam Sobel and colleagues were getting paid for it, weren't being complete jerks, and remembered to record the results.The replica Omega 1362.30 Ladie's watch researchers soaked some pieces of cotton with the tears, while another batch was soaked with saline solution. A group of 24 men were then asked to rate the ual attractiveness of a series of photographs depicting female faces while the cotton was held under their noses.

The men were so harsh with their critiques that the photos began to cry.Okay that didn't happen. What did happen was the men smelling real female tears rated the attractiveness of the pictures lower than the men that had only been sniffing saline.Interesting results, but the researchers weren't finished! Thy took those men replica Omega 1267.75 Ladie's watch made them watch a sad movie (Ishtar, perhaps?), measuring their testosterone levels as the films progressed. They found that testosterone levels dropped, but only in those men that had been sniffing female tears during the movie.


replica Panerai PAM0126 Men's watch movement side: chronograph bridge adorned with Audemars Piguet signature

mainplate featuring tiny circular-grained motifs, hand-drawn strokes; dial side: black eloxed aluminium tourbillon bridge and barrel bridges; replica Panerai PAM0126 Men's watch movement side: chronograph bridge adorned with Audemars Piguet signature and coupling bridge in black eloxed aluminium; snailed and little circular-grained barrels bearing the Audemars Piguet signature. 18-carat pink gold AP folding claspFunctionsHours and minutesChronograph with sweep seconds hand and 30-minute counter at three o'clockFlange bearing a tachometric scaleRetail is TBDSource: Audemars Piguet

The face and case are a complement to one another. The 100 Fathoms illuminates in the dark with clarity. The caseback is quite striking with a tiny map of Hawaii engraved on a sea of brushed steel. It is water resistant up to 200M. It has a sapphire crystal and is 41.1 mm in diameter.This watch runs on a Seltta SW200, replica Bedat 728.010.101 Ladie's watch Swiss automatic movement. The watch has about 40 hours of power reserve and has a hacking movement. $775 is a fair price for a more-than-extremely-fair watch.

We're talking about Mr.Jerome Allen Seinfeld.If you pay Omega Seamaster Railmaster Chronograph close attention to his wrist while watching the show, you will see everything from modern day Breitlings to vintage Heuers.There is one widely used press shot where he is wearing what is surely a Breitling Navitimer.Everyone has a Navitimer though, we wanted to find a model that our readers didn't know much about and one they could actually buy if interested.Well, we did it, with the thanks of the excellent forum members over at Chronocentric, we saw that one of Seinfeld's recent wears is a rare version of a Heuer sport chronograph, called the Jo Siffert Autavia.